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Adding a new user

To add a new user to Populum:

  1. Navigate to the team or group to which the new user should be added by clicking “Organization” and searching for the manager’s or the group’s name.
  2. If the employee is to be placed directly under the manager (and not in a group), click the “+” button below the manager. If the employee is to be placed in a group, click the gear wheel next to the group name and select “Add below“.
  3. Choose “Add new employee”.
  4. Fill in the user’s contact information.
  5. Confirm and click “Add employee”.
Avoid duplicate users

In order to avoid creating duplicate user accounts for an employee, make sure to search for the user’s name in the organization tree before adding the user to Populum. Keep in mind that even if it is not possible to create duplicate users with identical email addresses, the user may already have been added with a different top domain (e.g. .com instead of .se).

What information is needed?

In order to add a user, the following information is needed:

  • First and last names (required).
  • Email address (required *).
  • Phone number (optional *) – by adding a phone number, the user will also receive survey links via SMS (provided that your organization has activated the SMS feature). Make sure to also include the country code in the phone number (i.e. on the form +46 70 555 5555).
  • Other user attributes – if your organization is using additional user information for statistical or analytical purposes, it may also be possible to add such user attributes (e.g. job title, age or geographic location).

* Your organization may be allowing adding users without email addresses. In this case, adding a phone number is required in order for us to send surveys to the user.

Updated on July 15, 2022

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