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Initiate a survey for another user

Employees who do not have an e-mail address or a phone number have the possible to participate in an ongoing survey with the help of a user with specific extended access rights (e.g. their manager or an HR-responsible). This can for instance be used in a production environment, where the employees do not have a work email address or phone number.

In short, the user with such necessary extended access rights can initiate the survey for another user via his / her Populum account. There are 2 ways to do this: You can start the survey for the user and then hand over the device (eg a tablet) to the employee so that she / he can carry out the survey by herself / himself. When the employee has completed the survey and submitted the answers, he / she can return the device. If the employee has a device (tablet or mobile phone) of their own, instead of starting the survey, you can display a unique QR code which can then be scanned by the employee to access the survey. Please note that the user with the extended access rights will not be able to see the submitted answers of other users.

How does it work?

To initiate a survey for another user:

  1. Log in to Populum
  2. Navigate to the user who will respond to the survey by searching for the user in the top menu bar. You can also search for the user’s manager.
  3. If you have the necessary access rights, you should now be able to see the “Respond here” and “Respond via QR” buttons next to the employee’s name in the organization tree (see the image below). For users who have already responded to the survey, the buttons will not be visible.
  4.  Choose how you want the user to access the survey. By clicking on “Respond here” the survey opens and you can hand the device over to the user. If you choose “Respond via QR” a QR-code is displayed that you ask the user to scan with their own device.
  5. Once the employee has responded to the survey and clicked the “Submit” button, the responses are recorded and securely and anonymously stored (without the possibility for anyone to see the answers).
  6. Repeat the steps for all employees who should respond to the survey this way.

How do I get the necessary access rights?

The possibility to initiate a survey for another user is a specific access right that can only be granted by Populum. If you believe that you should have such access for a specific part of the organization, please reach out to us at [email protected].

Updated on July 14, 2022

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