The Spread report

The Spread report offers a detailed breakdown of a specific survey cycle, including the answer distribution, index and submitted text comments for each individual driver. Below is a description of the different elements in the Spread report (see the picture for number references):

  1. Driver name – the name of this specific driver.
  2. Question/statement – the exact wording for the question or statement.
  3. Index – the calculated index value for this driver (read more about how indexes are calculated here).
  4. Change – the index change compared to the previous occasion.
  5. Benchmark – the index difference compared to the benchmark unit.
  6. Answer options – the statement associated with each answer option.
  7. Answer distribution – the number of answers per answer option.
  8. Improvement suggestions – all submitted free text comments for this specific driver (if any).

Updated on July 15, 2022

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