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Vacant positions

The Populum organization tree is built up by positions, which in most cases are held by a user. However, there can also be vacant positions (i.e. positions which no user currently holds). This is typically useful for instance when a team has no (immediate) manager during a recruitment process.

How vacant positions are created

A vacant position can be created when a manager is removed from Populum. It can also be created as a “placeholder” position (for instance when a new team is created but the manager position is still being filled). To create a vacant position:

  1. Navigate to the manager under which the vacant position should be created by searching for the manager’s name or email address under “Organization”.
  2. Click the “+” sign below the manager.
  3. Choose “Create new vacant position“.
  4. Enter the vacant position’s title (optional).
  5. Confirm by clicking “Create vacant position“.
Managers with dual roles

Vacant positions can be used when a manager has dual roles, in different parts of the organizational tree (e.g. 2 different regions), either temporarily (while recruiting a new manager for a role), or permanently. The manager can then himself/herself be placed on one of his/her roles (preferably on the position under the manager’s own manager), while his/her other role consists of a vacant position (which is placed in the part of the organizational tree where the employees reporting to that role/position belongs).

Keep in mind that if a manager has dual roles (e.g. is responsible for 2 different groups) – which, however, belongs to the same part of the organizational tree – groups are probably better to use than vacant positions.

How to fill a vacant position

To fill a vacant position:

  1. Navigate to the vacant position in the organization tree by searching for the manager under whom the vacant position exist.
  2. Click the gear wheel under next to the vacant position and choose “Fill vacancy“.
    1. If the user who should fill the vacant position does already exist in Populum, search for the user, select him/her in the search results and confirm (if the user currently holds a manager position, that position will be vacated).
    2. If the user does not already exist, click “Add new employee” and follow the steps (described in this article).
Updated on July 15, 2022

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